COP23 - Week 1

From 6 to 17 November, the Climate Change Conference (COP 23) takes place in Bonn under the Fiji Presidency. Within the project #Klimalog – Research and Dialogue for a climate-smart and just transformation, the DIE organised several side events and set up the Interconnections Zone during COP23.


  1. Enjoy our review of the first COP23 week!

  2. #COP23 lays its focus on the implementation of the #ParisAgreement. The delegations are expected to prove their commitment to the climate-related obligations passed in Paris 2015 and specified in Marrakesh 2016.
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  4. 6 November, 9 am: Our Institute becomes the Interconnections Zone (#interconnect17)

  5. In the immediate vicinity of the COP23 venue, the Gerrman Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) provides with the Interconnections Zone a transdisciplinary space to explore interconnections and possible synergies between #ClimateAction and sustainable development #SDGs.
  6. There is a collection of photos available here which will be updated until the end of the Interconnections Zone on 17th of November.
  7. Handling Loss and Damage: How can the 5-year Work PLan of the Warsaw Mechanism....
    Handling Loss and Damage: How can the 5-year Work PLan of the Warsaw Mechanism....
  8. Through more than 40 side events by partner organisations such as @sthlmresilience @BMZ_Bund @GIZ_gmbh @WWF @IIED, featuring leading scholars, experts, policy makers and practitioners, the Interconnections Zone is building bridges between sustainable development and climate change! Find out more:
  9. Our Interconnections Zone at COP23
  10. #interconnect17 was opened by a session with @climateactiontr. The participants of the panel presented their research on emissions targets at the county level and the results of the most recent CAT equity assessment of (I)NDCs.
  11. The 2nd #interconnect17 event was organised by @giz_gmch, @IUCN and @IIED under the Friends of EbA (FEBA) network with the aim to enhance knowledge and to strengthen Ecosystem-based Adaption in #Climatechange and bio-diversity policies.
  12. Further side events on the first #interconnect17 day followed on the topics of #Adaption and #Mitigation as well as linkages between climate, energy, and health policies: