Dementia Village

At Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013


  1. On 13 and 14 March, the Department of Health ran the Dementia Village at Expo, with exhibitors, events and speeches all related to dementia. On the first day we ran a live blog from the Dementia Village.
  2. There were some amazing exhibitors such as Jiminy Wicket:
  3. Andrew and James of @jiminywicket1 #nhsexpo #dementiachallenge
    Andrew and James of @jiminywicket1 #nhsexpo #dementiachallenge
  4. If you're wondering what croquet has got to do with dementia, listen to this Audioboo with James Creasey:
  5. Even celebrities had a go...
  6. There were lots of positive comments about the Dementia Village and the range of exhibits...
  7. The show was definitely stolen by the gorgeous Dementia Dogs.
  8. Find out more about Dementia Dogs in this Audioboo with Joyce Gray from Alzheimer Scotland.
  9. Trevor's Garden was a dementia-friendly garden created specially for the Dementia Village.
  10. Trevor Jarvis talks about the things to consider to make gardens safe for people with dementia:
  11. Listen to garden designer Kim Grove talking about creating dementia friendly gardens:
  12. The two Audioboos about gardens got a great response on twitter.