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AALL14 Keen-note

Andrew Keen gave the keynote address at the 2014 AALL conference. His speech was received, well, see for yourself...


  1. Keen began by (purportedly) connecting what he was going to say to the theme of the conference: Beyond Boundaries. Keen says that there are no boundaries, because once one breaches a boundary, there is another beyond it. Reactions from the peanut gallery:
  2. Then Keen gave us all the bad news. Libraries are changing. Information is changing. Google! People don't want experts anymore! I think he wanted to make us mad. But we knew all that he was telling us already. So we WERE mad--only at him for not telling us anything new and for not having done his homework.
  3. To Keen's comment summarized in this tweet from @JMLIS: does he think that we don't? Sigh.
  4. His big solution: we need to be data curators. He's brilliant! He's the first person ever to think of this idea!