Internal Value Chains - mapping knowledge

Your Business and Most every business, government, non profit and institutional line of operations where 2 or more people work together becomes a rich source of interactive knowledge and discovery. Technology, Communications, Reporting, and Compliance can map value to Financials and Strategy.


  1. Introducing Global Value Chains: Global Value Chains  (GVCs): Through the lines of Trade and Economic Research I backed into the lines of GVCs and in loose overview they are about stepwise allocation of additional value units of production across and international production line from raw to refined goods then ported to wholesale and retail. I have included a link below from OECD on GVCs for a w/ref but move on forward as I am making a related point.
  2. Let the point now be defined that within your business and more and more relevant as the size and magnitude of an Entity grow there are more and more hidden and unlocked value points in your Internal Value Chain. I map Internal Value Chains as key lines where your Leadership, Management, Staff, Vendor, Client, Business Partner, Financial, Regulatory and Governing lines bear knowledge of relevance to Performance and Operations.   Apparently Michael Porter was the first to coin the term " Value Chains" as evidenced in the link below to Cambridge University in 1985 (when I was more  concerned about composition chains and orchestration, link to Schillinger System  - small affair as it was still working with math and organizational skills related to tech and information ) and referring to relevant key thoughts that as Logistics map in resources to an entity that procurement, IT, HR and Technology add layers of Value to resources through an entity to overall delivery point on Client Services.  My Read on an Internal Value Chain is related and not derivative as I had not had more than the term to work with as thinking it through with the evocation of the OECD Trade reading and the catch phrase " Value Chain" being a relevant one to evoke meaning by itself in connection to Economic Theory.
  3. Granted the Methodology of derived  Lean Value Stream Service Control Methods from ASQ:
  4. And the PMI Lean Vaule Stream Service Lines :
  5. And the MS Visio Tool
  6. and the evolution of lean to Enterprise Value Stream Mapping and Analysis
  7. We reach a new conclusion Independent of the above mentioned but very synergistic and confirming our good line of thought (and  proof that no one has a monopoly on knowledge - so value ALL members of your team - remember each one brings a different and unique view).  Our line of thought is that the Internal Value Chain of human capital is an underutilized Asset, that through the broken links of Entity Internal  Communications, new opportunities and innovation are lost daily. Lines of valuable thoughts and communications that when shepherded to business goals on financials, compliance and supporting Strategy and Operations can yield significant additional ROI and ROA on Technology and Human Capital Assets. 

    Part of what we are here to do is to work with the communication, knowledge and synergy lines across entities to map sales, economic growth, cost management and financial strategy back into the lines with robust knowledge infusion. We want your staff to be more social so they can use the lines for research on specialized needs, on awareness of new innovations and to add value at every point on the line with new knowledge.  Entity learning in this Economy must become transformational strategy to meet new opportunities with compliance and with the best of knowledge. Our skills map Financials and Compliance to the core resource of Technology and to the key lines of your Leadership, Management and  Staff Employees. For applied financial, compliance, lean technology and enterprise wide value to improve Value and you guessed it Sales Opportunities and Economic Growth.

    It's time to trust your employees to own their roles and  to focus in to grow your business and let your employees own their natural part in that growth with more latitude. Along with customers employees can be brand supporters and relationship builders of goodwill if working in relation to a good social policy on compliance  - it's a contrarian opinion in the age of over regulated (read creeping beyond cost-benefit) business, but one that is smart and intrinsic to performance if steadily mapped to a strong compliance policy that sets the rules clearly for employees . We can assist to deliver entity wide strategy rooted back to financial and compliance value across entities. The core vision of the Internal Value Chain is to map the lines of lean to performance and utilize internal communications and learning strategy and limited open lines on communication sufficient to allow new learning and knowledge growth with the tools of the era on technology on Social.

    That's an open ended thought to work with that we can explain and root to grounded financial purpose with compliance when we speak. This line of thought is continued at DCarsonCPA PTRC Lines where you can see more in context via the link below to our corresponding web page .