I could be wrong but.....

isn't there something fundamentally wrong when you consider some are saying there is a lack of skilled labor in the Domestic Economy?


  1. I could be wrong but........
  2. It sounds alot like a fluffed up cover story designed to support some level of interest that is not in the best interest of the average professional worker mapping into opportunities. The sad and true  fact is that those who most need to push back against these malodorous claims are those who will most suffer..... the skilled workers themselves. This is because no one has their back in refuting the claim - it's a ridiculous claim because the tools of now can map in that knowledge in more ways then you can imagine and link them all to financial and productive purpose.  
  3. I could be wrong but........
  4. One of the most fundamental lines of flawed thinking is that there is anything so new under the sun that it can't be learned with a little bit of inspiration and some old fashioned hard work.  
  5. I could be wrong but........
  6.  Technology has made the learning easier and the triple value of technology on learning, communications and management of the key lines of data, financials and legal updates has in fact made it easier than ever to map new skills in to the lines of productivity. 
  7. I could be wrong but......
  8. But I'd be glad to take that chance and show you just how much knowledge you can bring to the work lines when you connect 4 Easy Pieces:

    1. Economics
    2. Laws, Rules and Governance (incl. Corporate and Industrial lines)
    3. Financials
    4. Technology
  9. I know I am right when I am saying it's time to give a little more due credit to American Ingenuity to find new  pathways to new solutions. All knowledge is attainable, all facts may be confirmed and one point that always helps is never getting too comfortable with what you know..... but remaining engaged in a line of continual learning and growth a line to use new and creative ways to meet the old challenges of mapping in the knowledge to the needs on services. 

    Facts are ever changing but the core knowledge of resourcefulness.... knowing where to go to map in the knowledge is really the most valuable skill - because from that smart point of knowledge you are aligned to the key points of knowledge and learning and in no way limited to the current scope of historical knowledge - rather you become strategically positioned to anticipate new needs. We work with a comprehensive solution set that encompasses the  past (knowledge and experience) the present (teamwork and research) and the strategic and operational sight line to watch the most current updates of now  to proactively position to meet demand. I value most the skill to know where the knowledge is found.

     If you can find the knowledge - you can meet the needs, through the pathway of knowledge, experience, teamwork and research  - never resting on the laurels and always moving  to improve the skills for the next line of relevant challenges in the range of financial decision making in the aggregate and on the applied lines of Entity Financials, Taxation, Policy, Learning Strategy, Communications, Analysis, Compliance and more.  

    One of the first commitments I made to myself on the path of Professional Accounting was that the path would be a path of never ending learning and continual growth rooted in the key skills of Financial Accounting as the practical pathway in support of the Entity and the Individual / Family needs of Financial Decision Making in the Aggregate.   
  10. We are here positioned to meet new lines of needs on Services and help open opportunities to work in our way to add value to putting the Economy back to work in support of the needs of Individuals and Families. This will in turn  ultimately help to improve the support lines for Industry, Non Profits and Governance in the Economy.