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On Friday 4 July, Mary Beard, led a team of experts in a First World War Twitter event, marking one month till the 100th Anniversary of the start of the war. The event was a unique opportunity to find out about the war, the Centenary and how they could get involved. These are the highlights:


  1. DCMS partnered with 9 organisations on #talkingWW1 including Royal British Legion, Imperial War Museum, National Archives, Florence Nightingale Museum, Tesco, Football Remembers, British Council, English Heritage and the Wilfred Owen Association. Classicist Mary Beard and historian Jonathan Boff were also involved. 

  2. The event was a great success and we were so pleased to see so many members of the public getting involved and finding out more about the history of the war and the UK's Centenary plans. We had brilliant feedback:
  3. And we had great support from lots of friends, including the BBC and the Premier League.
  4. The Royal British Legion kicked the day off, with Stephen Clarke, Head of Remembrance taking questions on how the Legion are commemorating the First World War.
  5. Next up was the Imperial War Museum - they did a fascinating session on the background to the First World War, tweeting historical facts, articles, photos and more.
  6. Imperial War Museums had some brilliant questions from members of the public:
  7. The National Archives did a really interesting session on how their records could help the public find out more about their First World War ancestors.