1. SDCC 2013 - Con Away From Con 101
  2. John Cunningham is kicking off the Batman panel with Marc Andreyko, Greg Capullo, Ann Nocenti, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and more!

  3. Starting off the panel is Batman #24 on sale now!

  4. Snyder wants to start by giving a huge thanks to the crowd.

  5. He says this story is the favorite he's ever written.

  6. Scott calls Greg his best friend. 

  7. Scott says he had anxiety about writing the origin and Year One, but he knew deep down in his heart it was special and personal. He talks about the style and how it is formed for today.

  8. This issue is a celebration of all things Batman.

  9. Greg gives his thanks and says he's very honored to be doing the Batman origin.

  10. Scott says there's no other perfectionist in this industry bigger than Greg.

  11. Now for some images from Batman #25.

  12. In the first section the Joker blows out the electricity in the city while Batman is on his first detective case.

  13. It's very much about the relationship with Gordon and Batman.

  14. They harbor back to a big mystery that happens the night Bruce's parents died.

  15. It will shed light onto Gordon in a different way.

  16. ProTip: take a closer look at all the lines in the story. They have a connection.

  17. Issue #25 will be on sale November 13, you don't want to miss it!

  18. And, don't forget the Zero year Tie-ins are coming in November.

  19. Batman Eternal is coming soon! Who's excited?

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