Victims of the Block Bot

In which we consider those who have been harassed, suspended, or permabanned with help from @OOL0N and @ARATINA and their tool @The_Block_Bot.

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  1. It seems to me that @TheAtheistRoll's experience is representative and relatively common, but it can get far worse. In the most extreme scenario, an account is permanently suspended because the user dared to interact with fans of AtheismPlus on twitter. So far, I've found just a handful of accounts which were blockbotted and subsequently permabanned:
  2. I'm sure there are many more, and I'll be keeping better track from here on out, unless James sees fit to release a full list of dead accounts, that is, the people whom he has purged from the published blocklist because their accounts have been suspended. I don't expect him to actually be transparent about that, but who knows? He may yet answer the question of just how many users have been suspended with help from the #AtheismPlus army of synchronized blockers.