Felicitations from the Floating Fortress of Filth

In which the feminist blog-o-sphere collectively confuses citation and quotation with stalking and hatred.


  1. Since many of the above have claimed that EG hates women, the following tweets have been screened for gender. And hotness. That last bit was just me.
  2. Sara is the TED fellow whose entire twitter timeline was combed through thoroughly and extensively quoted by one of the well known Freethought Bloggers a little while back. Apparently, that sort of heavily tweet-based reportage isn't creepy stalking when they do it.

    Incidentally, if you don't know about Mabus, read this helpful summary and this one. Please take note of the quantity of violent threats issued. Now, I've received death threats online, and I've also been storified quite a few times. Guess which one of these experiences is vastly more disturbing? 
  3. AmbrosiaX is a co-author at elevatorgate.wordpress.com/ and a generally glorious gal. She also looks great in hats.
  4. Katie blogs at  http://westcoastatheist.wordpress.com/  and kicks ass on a daily basis.
  5. I have it on good authority that Deirdre is actually a strong and independent woman, not a creepy cartoon cat.
  6. Included for the sake of balance. Also, Hayley rocks at skepticism, but please don't tell her I said that. 
  7. Renee blogs at skeptischism.com and is one of the infamous Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes.
  8. Ok, Ana, "Saviour of JREF" may be a bit much.  :)
  9. A Few Thoughts

  10. I've heard it often said (and more often implied) these days that you have to agree with someone on everything or else you aren't allowed to show support in any way. That is just silly. EG and I have argued on many occasions, he knows full well that I disagree strongly with some of what he does, such as name-calling and insulting his opponents. We can disagree with someone on any number of things (whether publicly or privately) and still believe that they deserve access to digital spaces wherein we all share ideas.

    Now perhaps EG has actually violated Twitter's or Storify's Terms of Service, and if so, I'm a skeptic and completely open to evidence on that point. If you can point to where that happened, please do, and I'll issue a correction right here.