Will @lpcinema screen “Bully”? Would teens come to see it?

Weinstein Co. will release “Bully,” a documentary on bullying, unrated in the U.S. Interested patrons contact Lakeport Cinema 5 to ask if the film will be screened locally.


  1. I learn the news via @RedBalloonLCG, an account I follow on Twitter that offers resources to combat bullying:
  2. I posted my request on March 31 to Lakeport Cinema 5’s Facebook page.
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  4. After leaving my post, I noticed that Liz Williams Cox was asking about the same film:
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  6. This week it's only opening in 5 theates nationwide. Until we know more about the studio's expansion plans and how it does in theatres, I can't really give you an answer. I will say that the studio's decision to release the film unrated may keep us from playing it.
  7. I truly hope you will give this the serious consideration it deserves. The reason for NR release has been widely publicized to be harsh language - no different than what middle school kids hear at school. I understand you have to consider many factors when choosing the movies you show, but please don't let the lack of a rating be the deciding factor. In this case the subject matter is too important.
  8. Liz, I understand why Bully was released unrated, and why it was originally given an R rating. However, we have to consider the larger picture of how playing it might affect our relationship with the MPAA. If we do play the movie, we would likely treat it as though it were rated R, or possibly NC-17. The bigger question with Bully is whether teens - in intended audience - will even be interested in watching it.
  9. How about it, teens? If your theater screens “Bully,” will you go?