#FF Done Right (on a Tuesday). @ChrisBrogan's "People Worth Following"

post by fd

  1. I've blogged and tweeted a number of times about some of my #FollowFriday pet peeves (covered more eloquently in a post by Amanda Rykoff from a while back). In short, I find little use in the #FF tweets featuring a list of names with no context and have a distaste for the practice of retweeting your own mentions in #FF tweets. 
  2. Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) has long been an advocate for mentioning fewer people and providing a reason for why they should be followed (see tweet below).
  3. For #FollowFriday suggest fewer people with a reason to follow each. More effective for them, you and us. #FF
  4. Gini Dietrich takes this concept one step further by creating an entire blog post about the subject of #FollowFriday recommendation, an example of which can be seen below featuring my friend Lindsay Bell
  5. Needless to say I sat up in my chair and took notice when Chris Brogan started tweeting about people worth following. It happened on a Tuesday (rather than a Friday), but I loved the format he used and agree wholeheartedly with the suggested users whom I already follow, so I thought I'd share. See below for the entirety of his list.
  6. People worth following: @CharlesHGreen - he wrote the book on trust, and writes new pages daily.
  7. People worth following: @jonathanfields , who is teaching us all to have a good life.
  8. People worth following: @CarrieWilkerson , who gives you alternative paths to consider.
  9. People worth following: @johnhaydon , who teaches nonprofits a better way
  10. People worth following: @TheSalesLion , who is one of the most sincere people I know, and who is the future.
  11. People worth following: @webby2001 - the perfect mix of brilliant wit and useful information.
  12. People worth following: @jaybaer - who works well beyond the fluff and delivers value daily.
  13. People worth following: @BobBurg - who writes and teaches amazing values, and whose biggest book I will read this year. :)
  14. People worth following: @mitchjoel - often overlooked visionary and astounding journalist.
  15. People worth following: @DianeBrogan & @SteveBrogan - not just my parents, but people demonstrating how boomers can thrive.
  16. People worth following: @pamslim - for showing us all a way out of the cubicle farms, should you be ready.
  17. People worth following: @ginidietrich , who strives to keep the PR world honest and serious.
  18. People worth following: @johnmorgan , who wrote the only book on branding that doesn't make me want to cut myself.
  19. People worth following: @techguerilla , who is every bit as funny as he is smart, and has a lot to give beyond the label.
  20. People worth following: @jasonkeath , who is running one of the best communities specifically about social media out there.
  21. People worth following: @iannarino - a sales and leadership expert, and someone with a lot of ideas to give you.
  22. People worth following: @om , who writes one of the only "big" blogs I give a damn about. And he, himself, is good people.
  23. People worth following: @ajleon and @melissaleon - doing AMAZING work and many great adventures this year. MODELS for you!
  24. People worth following: @TomMartin - sincere, fun, a full of great depth and value. Also the prince of New Orleans.
  25. People worth following: @ducttape - small business legend, and someone creating value daily. I like John lots.
  26. People worth following: @MarketingProfs , though I much prefer her as @annhandley : ) Smart, fun, an artist's soul.
  27. People worth following: @hardlynormal - actually DOING something about homelessness, one pizza and pair of socks at a time.
  28. People worth following: @cadredc - building strong community in DC, and has a killer taste in music to boot. : )
  29. People worth following: @digiphile - reporting politics and the tech business around it in a way that doesn't make me bleed.
  30. People worth following: @LisaBarone - who writes with her heart but sneaks in her huge brain, too. : )
  31. Now it's your turn. In your stream, write out some "People worth followings:" and help your community grow! : )
  32. Think about who you'd like to recommend on Friday and how you'll present them.