Open letter to Oprah: Ask Lance Armstrong these 10 questions

Sunday Times writer David Walsh, who won journalist of the year in the U.K. for his dogged pursuit of the truth on Lance Armstrong, has signed his name to an ad in the Chicago Tribune urging Oprah Winfrey to ask Lance Armstrong 10 pointed questions about doping. The interview will air Thursday.

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  1. David Walsh spent 13 years investigating allegations that Lance Armstrong took performance-enhancing drugs. He was just voted journalist of the year in the U.K.
    Here are a few of the questions he wants Oprah to ask:
    Did you sue the Sunday Times to shut us up?
    Here are a few of the others:
    Do you accept your lying to the cancer community the greatest deception of all?
    Why have you chosen Oprah Winfrey for your first interview as a banned athlete?

  2. Lance Armstrong is reportedly going to give a "limited" confession to doping, which has many wondering how far he will go.
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  7. 60 Minutes tried very hard to get the interview with Armstrong, but Oprah won out.
  8. This interview is as much a test for Oprah as it is for Armstrong, according to media critic Howard Kurtz.
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  11. Meanwhile, it appears Lance Armstrong is offering to rebuild his relationship with accuser Floyd Landis.