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The Hobbit: Reviewers and fans weigh in on the journey

The Hobbit: An unexpected journey, which is now in theatres, is creating lots of buzz. Movie critic Peter Howell of the Toronto Star gives the movie three stars out of four. But fans should beware: The movie is almost three hours long at 170 minutes. Here's what reviewers and fans are saying so far.


  1. Read Peter Howell's review here at For all his criticism, he says: "The Hobbit is good."
  2. The Hobbit is currently liked by 68 per cent of viewers on the Rotten Tomatoes website. The website says the movie is a notable step down from the Lord of the Rings trilogy although it is visually stunning and well acted.
  3. The New York Times give the movie a lukewarm review. Here's A.O. Scott's review.
  4. Here's another reviewer who answers the question: Does the power in the movie derive more from the technology or the story?
  5. Prince William meets the cast. The video is rather long at 19:37, so you'll want to fast forward through much of it.
  6. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, meets the cast of The Hobbit
  7. Here is what people on Twitter are saying. Here is one person's plot summary.
  8. It's great, she says.
  9. And amazing.
  10. Not everyone's a fan.
  11. Great expectations.
  12. Soo good.