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Bettman and Fehr: Dumb and Dumber?

Social media users are finding humour as a way to soothe their wounds after their dueling press conferences Thursday night. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and union boss Donald Fehr are being portrayed as Dumb and Dumber by at least one Twitter user.


  1. Here's what Donald Fehr said to get Bettman's blood boiling: "There doesn't seem to be very much room (between the sides), certainly not unbridgeable room," Fehr said. "We think the positions the players took today are a clear outline for how to end this particular dispute."Really?
  2. Don Fehr - Dec 7th Media Availability
  3. Watch video here of Gary Bettman blowing up only minutes later. "I’m not sure that spinning us all into an emotional frenzy,” Bettman said, “Over maybe we’re close and we’re going to be playing hockey tomorrow, is terribly unfair to our fans and it’s unfair to this process.”
  4. Here's what fans are saying about Donald Fehr in the aftermath of those news conferences Thursday. Some are calling for his head should the NHL season be cancelled.
  5. The look on Sidney Crosby's face seems to suggest he's not at all happy with what had just transpired.