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Day of Pink: Messages of hope on anti-discrimination day

Today has been named the International Day of Pink to focus on efforts to combat bullying and discrimination in our society. Here's how people have chosen to respond on social media. The Toronto Police, including chief Bill Blair, looked resplendent in pink.


  1. Toronto police chief Bill Blair talking to students about bullying.
    By wearing pink, people were pledging to stand in solidarity against discrimination, bullying and homophobia.
  2. Toronto police website goes pink.
  3. A Toronto-area school is awash in pink during anti-bullying presentation.
  4. Here's a short video of Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau encouraging others to wear pink on April 10.
  5. Justin Trudeau want you to wear pink on the Day of Pink--April 10, 2013
  6. As The Star's Robert Benzie tweeted, MPPs wore pink at the Ontario Legislature.
  7. International Day of Pink comes at a troubling time, especially with the news that a 17-year-old Nova Scotia female killed herself after allegedly being sexually assaulted and then bullied afterwards. 
    As the Toronto Star reports, the Nova Scotia justice department is reviewing the case.
  8. Here are others, including TV personality Rick Mercer tweeting messages and photos about this #dayofpink.
  9. Stories of gay bashing are still making headlines.