The midata Innovation Lab launch

Ctrl-Shift has been beavering away with colleagues from BIS, GfK, Telefonica, Atlantic and IRM visioning, scoping, planning, proselytising, recruiting, co-ordinating, to create the midata Innovation Lab, which launched on July 4th - Consumer Independence Day. Here is what happened...


  1. Our blog post explains why the mIL is a world first and how it will accelerate the UK information economy. We look at how the mIL will generate innovation and growth for consumers as well as businesses and how it will help us understand more of the challenges surrounding personal data. 
  2. Dan Bates, midata Innovation Lab Director, provides a great overview of the vision for the mIL.
  3. Dan Bates at the midata Innovation Lab launch
  4. To kick off the event Liz Brandt, Ctrl-Shift CEO and co-founder of the mIL, spoke to the people sharing their data (Founding Data Donors) about the many benefits created by the changing personal data landscape and the importance of gaining consumer trust.
  5. Next door the Founding Partners were briefed on the key milestones over the next 4 months and the Learning and Doing strands that collaboratively they’d requested be at the core of the mIL. There will be more information about these soon so keep an eye out for updates.      
  6. Founding partners at the mIL launch
    Founding partners at the mIL launch
  7. After the introduction the teams got together to discuss how they will drive the Doing and Learning Strands to both develop the mIL further and learn about topics such as how to develop innovative services and apps, use personal information for social good, bring additional data sets together and make sure it’s secure and privacy is protected to support both consumers and innovation. There’s much to do and the teams have to have their plans back in the next 2 weeks so that an overall plan for the mIL can be pulled together and published    
  8. We asked some of the Founding Partners why they are involved and what they hope to achieve from the mIL.
  9. Founding Partners at the midata Innovation Lab launch
  10. Meanwhile, using the midata innovation data portal, consumers were securely sharing their data. 
  11. Data donors at the mIL launch
    Data donors at the mIL launch
  12. We spoke to some of the consumers to find out why they were getting involved in the mIL.
  13. Consumer data donors at the midata Innovation Lab launch
  14. Ian Banner, midata Innovation Lab Design Authority, told us his thoughts about the mIL launch as well as some of the key learnings that had emerged from the day.
  15. Ian Banner at the midata Innovation Lab launch
  16. Liz Brandt, Ctrl-Shift CEO and mIL co-founder,  gave us a summary of the day.
  17. Liz Brandt at the midata Innovation Lab launch
  18. There was some great feedback following the event including this fantastic article in Infomation Age quoting Ctrl-Shift's Alan Mitchell - "ideas that are being brought into the lab include a mobile app that allows the user to manage the information relating to their home, and another that reminds the user when they need to renew any of their contracts."