#CrowdChat: What is the Global Status of Crowdsourcing in 2014?

What are the big developments in crowdsourcing by continent, and which industries are most positioned to be transformed? What's the progress of crowdsourcing inside corporations? Wikibrands' Sean Moffitt answers in the January 15, 2014 #CrowdChat hosted by Crowdsourcing Week.


  1. @CrowdWeek Q1) From a global perspective, what are the big developments in crowdsourcing by continent? 

  2. Sean identifies Europe as "skyrocketing" in crowdfunding, consolidation of platforms, and video crowdsourcing. In Africa, trends are toward better governance, better efficiency of services and mobile crowdsourcing. 

    He also threw out some pretty mind-boggling facts:
  3. Sean sees the 5 Major Crowdsourcing Trends for North America as 1) crowdfunding regulation 2) crowdsourcing services, and maturation of crowdsourcing for 3) brands 4) enterprise and 5) government.
  4. And keep an eye on Australia, an Outback Powerhouse in crowsourcing culture:
  5. The crowd chimed in with questions:
  6. @CrowdWeek Q2) What does the future of #crowdsourcing / #crowdfunding look like? 

  7. As crowdsourcing evolves, Sean sees a move from idea generation toward more production of crowdsourced financing, products, and services. Crowdsurcing will also be a huge boon to operational efficiency. Concerns will include implementing fast & effective regulations, protecting intellectual property, and job security.
  8. Although new and still evolving, crowdsourcing has seen major growth and interest increase in the past few years.