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CrossFit DC Takes on 16.1

Kicking off the 2016 CrossFit Games Open!


  1. Well, this year's CrossFit Games Open certainly didn't grant us a "soft opening."
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  3. But we know our members -- and truth is, you guys wouldn't want to do things the easy way anyway.
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  5. Of course, this "gift" from CrossFit Games mastermind Dave Castro certainly didn't lack for logistical challenges -- from space to time to resources required to put our 100-plus CFDC Open athletes through 20-minute segments apiece...
  6. Nonetheless, our fearless leader took it all in stride...
  7. ... and, per usual, in inimitable style.

  8. Friday, February 26: The Pre-Game
  9. Call 'em the tip of the spear -- the self-sacrificing lambs -- the few, the brave, the mighty -- a few CFDCers, headed out of town for the weekend, helped us kick things off before the weekend's main event.

  10. Saturday, February 27: Opening Day at H Street!