CERIF In Action Workshop 19/Oct/2012

An experiment in not attending a workshop.


  1. Need to read up on latest ORCID progress, then see how it fits with CERIF for REF
  2. The Aims of CRISPool

    The CRISPool project is being run from 1 March to 31 August 2010. During this time we have several objectives which we aim to achieve, these include:

    To demonstrate that CERIF-XML can be used to bring data from heterogeneous cross-institutional sources together.To provide evidence of the benefits and costs of adopting CERIF-XML as a cross-institutional data exchange format.To improve data quality and consistency between different HEI.To improve the research publicly available whilst also encouraging new research collaborations.

    These aims will be realised through achieving the main goal:

    To build an initial Portal exposing these data on the web with basic search and retrieve functionality and basic technical exhibition of data (e.g. fetching data via RSS, XML/SOAP, OAI).

    The results from CRISPool are expected to be both transferable (to other research exchange scenarios) and scaleable (to other CERIF elements not included within this project such as Funding).