HS2, to be or not to be: Birmingham debates on HS2

Most of the audience of last Thursday's HS2 debate revealed to be in favour of the project. High fares, jobs, costs and government strategy were the main discussed topics. Across social media, the event has been accused of bias toward the pro-HS2 part.

  1. The lecture theatre at Birmingham City University's Parkside building barely contained the people who wanted to be present at the "HS2 to be or no to be?" panel debate.
    The debate was chaired by BBC reporter Evan Davis.
  2. Panellists in favour of the realisation of the HS2 were Glenn Howells Architects' Davinder Bansall, Birmingham City Council Leader Sir Albert Bore and Pop producer Pete Waterman.

    While the opposition representatives were Shaun Spiers, who is Chief Executive of "Campaign to Protect Rural England",  Economist Jerry Marshall and First Class Partnership's Chris Stokes.

  3. The focus of the discussion was mainly on the local and national financial effects of the HS2, as well as employment, infrastructural costs and the national transport strategy. 
  4. The risk of excessive fares seemed to be a special concern in the debate. Members of the public interrogated the panellists about this possible scenario.

    HS2 Ltd West Midlands' Stakeholder Manager Donovan Bailey took the floor to explain the matter. He eventually said the project will have a consistent environmental impact, which is essential to address the lack of capacity of the current system.

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