Legacy 2014 Podium event (Glasgow)

Attending the Podium event at Glasgow Youth Theatre

  1. We received an invitation to attend the Podium Legacy event with some of the attendees from Digital Commonwealth project. Four young people from Renfrewshire attended, together with two community youth workers.
  2. The first part of the event was a presentation reminding us of some of the 2014 games highlights
  3. Then a presentation from the Scottish Government Legacy Team
  4. The Best Games Ever - Glasgow 2014
  5. We all relived some of our personal highlights from the Commonwealth Games and our own Legacy projects and met up with other people who worked and volunteered on different projects (from seed balls at Young Scot at Glasgow Green Live Zone to Clydesiders and people who worked in the Athletes Village).
  6. We also worked on ideas for how we could all be involved in the 'years' ahead, especially 2018 which is Scotland's Year of Young People. There was a lot of discussion about what the years meant to us, to young people generally, and how these themes could apply to 2014 Legacy themes. How could young people and Young Scot be involved in each year?
  7. We were asked to think about what 'Legacy' meant to us and post images in speech bubbles ont the wall or pose with them with Glasgow 2014 mementoes....here are two of the Renfrewshire Digital Commonwealth group (top left) and other attendees from the evening:
  8. Thanks to Young Scot for organising the event and inviting us along, and to the Renfrewshire group for all their enthusiasm, hard work and creativity during our workshops and on the night!
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