Digital Commonwealth project in Midlothian

A showcase of projects in Midlothian.


  1. In East Lothian the trainers for the project were Room8 and Lasswade High and Burnbrae Primary took part.
  2. The schools had already been doing some Commonwealth Games related work, Burnbrae were using the Games to explore maths problems.
  3. The Digital Commonwealth project in East Lothian was based around sharing memories of favourite sports or sport activities, as well as treasured items personal to the participants. Room 8 created a blog for the project which catalogued the work in progress.
  4. Here, learners used iPads to take photographs of their items
  5. The group looked at blogging, thinking about how to write and research posts and create images.
  6. Lots of creative writing, drawing and photography to blog...
  7. Click the image to learn the story of this football top and the memories behind it....
  8. Learn about training with Hearts FC and the memories of these signed tops
  9. Active stories all about medal winning dancing
  10. Sport Stories - Shoes & Medals
    Sport Stories - Shoes & Medals
  11. Read the blog about a love of dancing (click to read more and see medals)
  12. Sport Stories - My Dancing Medals
    Sport Stories - My Dancing Medals
  13. Creative art capturing football memories