Things to consider on Self-Identification

I have noticed that some of my threads are being shared and moved around so I thought that I would put them here. I also want to acknowledge @tdawgyo, @ZoeSTodd and @CotySavard for many long conversations about some of these issues.


  1. I also want to acknowledge that I first noticed the phrase #TheCultOfCelebrity from something that Zoe Todd wrote on her timeline. The thoughts are mine but I want to acknowledge the inspiration.
  2. This was where I decided to start talking. Immediately after this article; the very real concerns were dismissed as "lateral violence". For the last few years I have been consistently reluctant to use lateral violence in this context. I elaborated in this thread. Throughout this entire time; I have advocated for the truth. I do not believe that he is a bad man but I do believe that he was someone in NEED of correction but who's status would not allow for that.
  3. The preamble
  4. This is the #TheCultofCelebrity thread.