Migration Lab comes to the Design Museum

Counterpoints Arts and StartupAid collaborated to bring Londoners a singular creative learning experience around the topic of Migration, all hosted in the inspiring environs of the Design Museum.

  1. Aiming to engage our attendees to participate in thoughtful problem solving when it came to the issues surrounding migration, practical or ideological, a creative awareness was on the menu even before people arrived at the Design Museum!
  2. Paula and Joanna from StartupAid each lead workshops in explaining and exploring what the work entails on the ground at their Lesvos projects...Here Paula answered questions and spoke about how resources and supplies are distributed around the island in response to need.
  3. Below, Joanna explains the Marha Car project, where people can help out by volunteering their car and their time to help with the distribution of materials around Lesvos. We even had a driver on hand who had recently worked tirelessly for several months, driving around the Greek terrain to answer questions about his experience. Our guests were asked to take on the challenge of filling a quota of supplies and "drive" these much-needed goods on to their drop-points, illustrating the logistical challenges on these projects. And linking in with Paula, guests were asked to devise a tech-solution to creating a live data-base to be used across the warehouses with ever-changing supplies, tech-access and proficiency...
  4. ...and the connections made were not all purely conceptual.... driving home the message that it takes people on the ground to make any venture (and adventure!) work!
  5. @gail2406 @BITC At a great event The Migration Lab @DesignMuseum and see a real meeting of the minds with you and @StartUpAid
  6. At the panel led by Open University's Engin Isin, Paula & Joanna shared both their journey so far and the vision for where they see the future of StartupAid lying.
  7. Paula gave an interview to RadioSOAS explaining the idea behind StartupBoat last year...check it out here!
  8. and the story of their larger vision, StartupAID here describes a tech driven accelorator which enables entrepreneurs and key stakeholders to cooperate and create impactful tech solutions for social challenges, particularly the refugee crisis