Global Justice Now proclaim Refugees Welcome on the Cliffs of Dover

Working with guerrilla projectionists Feral X, Global Justice Now projected 5m high letters proclaiming #RefugeesWelcome on the iconic Cliffs of Dover - the first visual point of contact many refugees arriving in the UK will meet. Given the theme of #Refugeeweek, it seemed like a great idea to replicate across the country!

  1. In response to the planned anti-immigration demonstration by a combined network of far-right groups planning a march in Dover, the famous coastline, synonymous with various historic landings throughout European history was utilized as part of Global Justice Now's campaign to provide both practical and personal support to those fleeing appalling situations in the hope of help and respite. The article below details their motives:
  2. The Independent's Evan Bartlett wrote about the response, noting that it signalled to new arrivals the small band of demonstrators were "not representative of our nation as a whole".
  3. We loved this visually stunning and effective demonstration and look forward to watching out for the next installations and efforts of Global Justice Now's great campaign.