Bodging in the Migration Lab

As part of the Migration Lab at the Design Museum, Scottish-Indian artist, Jasleen Kaur, took us through a bodging workshop exploring the meanings behind the repurposing of objects and the role they play in the discussion of migration, refugees, and identity.

  1. Inspired by simple every day objects, Jasleen found deeper meaning in recreating and repurposing what others may discard as useless...
  2. Bringing these theories to the Migration Lab, Jasleen led a hands on participatory workshop station.
  3. What's #bodge got to do with it? Find out tonight from @_jasleen.kaur_ at our #migrationlab in the @designmuseum 馃挕馃敡馃摷馃憮 #arts #design #london #londonartists #designmuseum #migration #refugees
    What's #bodge got to do with it? Find out tonight from @_jasleen.kaur_ at our #migrationlab in the @designmuseum 馃挕馃敡馃摷馃憮 #arts #design #london #londonartists #designmuseum #migration #refugees
  4. After choosing three random words, the participants were challenged to 'bodge' the objects available on the table and recreate the words they chose, like this person's "communication, memory, teeth"
  5. All were imaginative, like this "sleep, cleaner, tool"
  6. And some even practical, like this "book, light, tool" !
  7. Through the workshop the participants discussed the issues that arise when exploring the need and importance of material and possessions , both practical and personal, when a person may no longer have a home or the access to goods.
  8. Once the bodging and other workshops were complete, a one hour panel was held discussing design and innovation in the face of the upsurge of migration and refugees. What role can design play and what solutions can it provide?
  9. As Jasleen puts it, "Our possessions can be physical representations of our past and can help shape our identities. So, when migrants arrive in a new place without their things, I imagine they can lose a sense of who they are and how to navigate and function in this new world, as their memories and materials from their distant homes, that once shaped them, are completely gone."
  10. "In my experience, making new objects can offer a way for migrants to settle into a new culture, by creating visual representations of their own histories. It can help them remember their heritage, while adopting aspects of their new culture." Jasleen Kaur , 2016