Eyebrow Trends for 2013

Eyebrows are a major indicator of your mood and how you feel about somebody, so how (and whether) you groom them says a lot. We take a look at the current line of thinking about how to handle those hirsute little darlings between your eyes and forehead. Spoiler: the unibrow is out.


  1. SER PÅ TV . #lol#eye#blue#eyebrow#troll#norway
    SER PÅ TV . #lol#eye#blue#eyebrow#troll#norway
  2. According to Wikipedia, eyebrows' "main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, but they are also important to human communication and facial expression." What does this mean? Well it means people are paying attention to your eyebrows and making judgments about you based on what they see. Everybody knows it's expected that women (and men too for that matter) will give some attention to those hairy hedges above the eyes, but what's going to be the fashionable way to trim those furry beasts in 2013? Let's start with what not to do...
  3. The Unibrow

  4. In no case is a unibrow acceptable. If you are so cursed to have one naturally, our condolences. Fortunately we live in an era of waxes, electrolysis, and so forth. No excuses - trim that monster or face very real social weirdness. This is the eyebrow equivalent of a woman with a beard. You're making a statement whether you want to or not...
  5. #tbt #2009 #sisters #weirdness #loveher #unibrow
    #tbt #2009 #sisters #weirdness #loveher #unibrow
  6. The Fake Eyebrows

    We're not quite sure what would prompt someone to shave off their eyebrows, then re-draw them in magic marker. There's a reason why browlift surgery in New York is big business : repositioning eyebrows should only be done by a professional.
  7. The Professor

  8. Bushy is sometimes better... for dudes. Ladies, avoid this look. And gents, know that not everybody can pull this off. But there's something to be said for the "I've been growing these suckers for longer than you've been alive, so take that, whelp" look, as you wander into the faculty lounge and drive off in your Prius to the NPR-sponsored luncheon in your professorial honor. Practice your condescending sneer, and you're set!
  9. God bless this man and his superior intellect. #MarkTwain
    God bless this man and his superior intellect. #MarkTwain
  10. The Arch

  11. The go-to look in the 90s has shifted, at least according to this HufPo article. Over-plucked, arched brows are trending the way of the dodo. Besides, people can't tell whether you're surprised, or just overplucked.
  12. I finally have eyebrows again lol !! Thanx to Celeste :) !! #archedeyebrow #nice #no more bush :)
    I finally have eyebrows again lol !! Thanx to Celeste :) !! #archedeyebrow #nice #no more bush :)
  13. "The Watson"
  14. The HuffPo Article specifically mentions Emma Watson's look as indicative of the new, fuller-browed trend. They're still trimmed, notice, but they are rather full and even a little bushy. Not quite natural, but definitely not pencil-thin...
  15. Emma Watson on Why She's Terrified to Audition
  16. "Belle"

  17. The HufPo article also mentions Camilla Belle. Here's an image of the rather good-looking actress sporting her somewhat arched, yet clearly thick, eyebrows. We spot a trend.
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  19. If you're interested in reading more about this trend, this article in the Independent has some conjecture regarding the move toward a more "masculine" look. Whatever you do, enjoy your bushy little friends, treat them well, and just make sure you check regularly to be sure you haven't grown a unibrow.