What to know about Dental Implants


  1. Often, when you lose a tooth, it’s a permanent situation. This can happen because of decay, gum disease, injury, or other problems. It can be a problem, and often, you might wonder how you can fix your smile. Well, what about dental implants. Many of the dentists recommend this form of treatment, because they last a long time, mimic a tooth, and they don’t hurt the surrounding tooth, which in turn, means a much greater situation. Losing your teeth can really bring you down, and you might worry about what you will have to do in the future. Fortunately, this article will give you everything that you need to know about dental implants, and what they mean.
  2. To begin, you will get a check of the gums to make sure that they are healthy, along with the jawbone being checked. This will help the dentist ensure that your jawbone can support this. There might be a CT scan used after that to help perfect where the implant will go, which is typically put in the bone socket of the tooth that is lost. If you need a bone graft of your jawbone you might need that, and that might add on an extra couple months. However, once you do that, when the jawbone heals, it’ll fuse the implant with the post. It means that this will make it permanent, allowing you to have a great smile.
  3. Once that’s fused, you’ll then get something called the abutment put on top of that. It’s a connector that will allow the crown, which is what the tooth will basically be, to be attached to the post of the implant.
  4. Once that’s done, you’ll get the crown. Now, with these, you’ll be able to get the best crown that you can get, and there will be digital impressions of your tooth that are taken. From there, design and mill the crown in a visit. It is a remarkable experience, and the crown will even match your teeth, making it look like you never lost a tooth. It’s now a part of the smile, and you’ll be able to do normal functions correctly too.
  5. Now, how long will these last? That really depends on how well you take care of your teeth. If you brush and floss regularly, along with seeing the eagle rock dentist, it can last a lifetime. However, the abutment and crown are more susceptible to the damage, with the crowns lasting about 10-15 years with average care. However, if you’re good with taking care of your teeth, they could last for a lot longer.
  6. The location is a big part about this as well, since often, where it is might balance out the bite, and that can also cause the implant to wear. If you put a lot of strain on the area, there are more chances that it might fail. However, if it’s not in an area where there is a lot of force being pushed onto that, then it definitely might last you a long time.
  7. Of course, this also depends on your lifestyle choices. If you suffer from diabetes, a tendency to have gum disease, or even cancer, you’ve got a higher risk of implant failure. However, many times, in this day and age, implants are made for sustainability for a long time, and if you take care of it, they could potentially last a lifetime, which is the cool part about them. They are pretty neat, and they can change your oral health forever.
  8. You don’t have to go around with missing teeth any longer. It actually can affect your overall oral health if you’re not careful. If you think that you need one, or if you’ve lost a tooth and have to get something there before infection leaks in and spreads, then talk to your dentist for more information. They’ll be able to help you do the right thing, and if implants are what you desire, and are what are on the menu for you, then this is something that you should consider having, and something that will greatly impact your life now and forever too.