Copernicus and COP21

In the lead-up to and during COP21, the United Nation's Climate Change summit, we took the ECMWF Copernicus Services on the road, informing the media, government officials and potential users about the powerful free information and tools Copernicus offers. Scroll the feed to see what we did.


  1. Join Copernicus at COP21

    Climate Change: Who said too much information leads to misinformation?

    On 10 December at 18.30 (CET) (17.30 GMT) the Copernicus Climate Change Service and the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service held a panel discussion at the UN's COP21 climate summit. Alongside Heads of the Copernicus Services Jean-Noel Thepaut and Vincent-Henri Thepaut, we had great speakers in the form of Hans Bruyninckx, Chief Executive of the European Environment Agency; Ken Holmlund, Chief Scientist of EUMETSAT; David Bresch, Global Head of Sustainability at SwissRE; Edwige Duclay, Head of Air Quality Bureau, Ministère de l'écologie; Thierry Lepercq, Chairman of SolaireDirect.