Cliff Paul Real?

The Story of Cliff Paul and Chris Paul Have you seen the newest commercial about the brothers Cliff Paul and NBA superstar Chris Pual from State Farm insurance? Well if not Chris Paul has had a remarkable career assisting other teammates to score points and is the leader in the NBA 2 seasons in a r


  1. Since the fictional twins were seprated at birth in 1985 and "Despite their dissimilar upbringings, they shred one invaluable trait," can you guess what it is? "They were both born to assist."

    The advertisement showcases how one NBA star can assist on the court and how one brother (Cliff) can assist off the court showcasing the kids in Superman psuedo Clark Kent eyewear at different ages growing up.

    At 8 years old Chirs Paul does a behind the back pass with a kids play basketball in the living room while brother Cliff Paul is helping a girl who fell off of her Big Wheel bicycle on the side walk. Around the age of 16, Chris Paul makes a behind the back pass in the driveawy playing basketball while Cliff Paul is catching a walkman that a girl dropped and thus assisting it back to her.

    Cliff in a Clark Kent outfit has become a state farm agent assisting a girl who had a car accident and than tosses doughnuts to those in an office meeting while NBA star Chris is playing for the L.A. Clippers at the Staples center.

    The State fram commercial closes out with the 2 brothers running into each other as Cliff is leaving the State Farm office elevator and Chris Paul is walking in. Than the double take happens and they see the resemblance of them being twins and the elevator shuts.

    “When assisting is in your blood, you know it,” the voice-over says. “Find a State Farm agent to help you get to a better state.”

    This hit commercial started running on Christmas Da and will be on during just about every single NBA game you will be watching on ESPN and TNT. Estimated ad spend is around $38 million dollars which includes 15 second runs on and ESPN, a tweeting campaign by the real Chris Paul on twitter to his million + followers as well as a fictional twitter account for brother Cliff Paul (yes seperated at birth and still has the same last