Decision Support Tools in Conservation: improving user-centred design


  1. On 15th May 2017, David Rose and Rebecca Robertson led an inter-disciplinary workshop assessing the role of decision support tools in conservation thanks to support from University Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, Luc Hoffmann Institute and the EU-BON project. A whole host of designers and users had the opportunity to network and co-produce knowledge on what makes a good decision support tool. The workshop stressed the importance of engaging users at every stage of a project, including from conception, through design, and after implementation. A World Cafe style exhibition allowed users to test various decision support tools aimed at supporting conservation decisions. Here are some of the highlights.

  2. We were excited to welcome delegates to the David Attenborough Building for our workshop.
  3. We had a busy programme with lots of experienced speakers and lots of room for discussion.
  4. Professor Caroline Parker from Glasgow Caledonian University spoke about the importance of including users in design.
  5. Our next session explored how potential users make decisions within their workflows.
  6. Our fantastic all female panel on user engagement provided much food for thought and lots of interesting discussions.
  7. Think about downstream impacts as well as the immediate impacts. Identify them through horizon scanning.