Intertraffic day 1: self driving cars in urban areas and a lot of working #SmartTogether

Wrap-up of day 1 at #intertraffic Amsterdam, #SmartMobility section in hall 9.


  1. Trend Watcher Vincent Everts was at Intertraffic all day long. What he loved most? The new, of course: self driving, connected cars driving autonomously in urban area's...
  2. But first things first: with this movie visitors were welcomed at Intertraffic, especially at the Dutch pavillion and the Smart Mobility Centre in Hall 9.
  3. Intertraffic was officially opened by mr Jan Hendrik Dronkers, general director at Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch road authority.
  4. Then Nissan's Maarten Sierhuis took the stage, with an impressive presentation on connected & autonomously driving cars in urban area's. Exciting developments!
  5. Nissan is working together with the province of North Holland, to test bi-directional communication between cars and traffic lights. That's wat we call working #SmartTogether
  6. Then there were awards in 5 categories, but only one could win the Intertraffic Innovation Award...
  7. Let's see what happened in Hall 9, at the Smart Mobility Centre