Traditions. Milestones. Memories: Commencement 2014

Under a cloudless sky, 461 members of the Class of 2014 celebrated a beautiful Commencement May 18, 2014.


  1. The day begins ...

  2. Early in the morning, graduates and their families began to arrive for the best seats in the house.
  3. Sunrise chair reserving...let's do this!
    Sunrise chair reserving...let's do this!
  4. 2014 is an accomplished class

    See the whole infographic.
  5. A time for traditions

    Ring away. According to campus legend, it’s an academic curse for underclass students to ring the gong. For graduating seniors, it’s a beautiful sound.

  6. Finally got to ring the gong  #laughingshot #wife #conncoll #graduation #igraduatedyesterday #what ✌️
    Finally got to ring the gong #laughingshot #wife #conncoll #graduation #igraduatedyesterday #what ✌️
  7. The laurel chain has been a part of Connecticut College's Commencement ceremonies since 1919. Members of the junior class dress in white and carry chains of laurel through which the graduating seniors march.
  8. Since 1993, every graduate of Connecticut College has been presented with an Eastern White Pine sapling, which represents the tree on the College seal and symbolizes each student's continuing connection to the College.
  9. Faculty process with pride. As students become graduates, beloved professors become friends.

  10. Memories are made. Selfies are taken.
  11. The ceremony begins

  12. “You may be leaving this beautiful hill, but the hill is not leaving you. The lessons you have learned from this community about generosity and collaboration, about personal accountability and leadership, will remain long after the specific content of your papers and projects have faded from memory,” President Katherine Bergeron told the graduates.
  13. Senior class speaker Kolton Harris ’14 inspired his fellow graduates with his passionate oration. “As the Class of 2014, we are in a position to change the world, but not in the most conventional way. We have the opportunity to be historic. We can impact the trajectory of humanity as long as we do one thing: stay true to the genius within us,” he said.  
  14. Keynote speaker Noah Feldman told graduates the last four years have been preparation for the rest of their lives. "You're celebrating the fact that you have these extraordinary tools that have been given to you, in part by your faculty, but also built and constructed by you, in partnership with them. Using those tools, you will go forward. You will succeed. You will occasionally have setbacks. You will overcome those setbacks, and you will keep on working at the solution,” said Feldman, Bemis Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School and brother of Connecticut College Philosophy Professor Simon Feldman (left.)