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What's new with SDN and the Cloud?

Software-Defined Networks (SDN) is certainly a popular phrase in the telecom industry right now. Many telcos are aware of the opportunities SDN and the cloud can offer, but are they ready to use the technology? Here's what's being said about SDN and the cloud around the world:


  1. First, the basics: 
  2. What are mobile operators thinking about the technology? An Infonetics survey interviewed operators about their future plans for SDN and NFV... 

  3. Open source SDN is an especially popular concept, with 76% of networking professionals saying they prefer open source to commercial. 
  4. Others believe that NFV is redefining the telecom industry 
  5. In some cases, cloud capabilities are already being put to the test. 
  6. The future of networks is here; along with the virtualized systems and the cloud, the network will become more like a public utility every day