Do you need a website redesign?

Here's a look at another of my favourite sessions from the Nonprofit Technology Conference #NTC12 by NTEN. This session looked at whether your website needs a redesign and how to proceed if it does. Thanks to Fara Trompeter of Big Duck and Kira Marchenese of the Enviromental Defense Fund (EDF).


  1. My live tweeting fingers were flying in this workshop so many of the tweets included are mine but I've also included highlights of the session from others.
  2. Annual reports can be a good example of how to share content on your website if it simplifies your information yet makes it interesting and useful. I suggest you first ask yourself, "Does your annual report set a good example or does it need an extreme makeover?"
  3. Personas are a way to describe your target audience by creating a "person" that fits who you are trying to reach.
  4. Advice on content
  5. An important point that can be forgotten in the desire to refresh your website.
  6. I added this note of caution because although there are free or cheap ways to get things like new websites. You are likely better to explore paying someone who has strategic expertise and whom you can enjoy a long term relationship. Charities like free or deals but sometimes you get what you pay for.
  7. Do you need a website optimized for mobile viewing?