How nonprofits can visualize data

Here is another of my favourite sessions from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#12NTC) by NTEN. This one looked at how to visualize data. I got a chance to see Beth Kanter live but also learned lots from the other presenters.


  1. Here is a Wiki where the material related to this session can be found including the slides via Slideshare, a live recording and collaborative notes taken online.If you want to delve into this subject, it's a great link to follow. 

    I'm afraid that I was not able to capture many tweets from this first section of the session so some of the resources listed will help round out Beth's portion of the presentation.
  2. Beth Kanter started the session off dressing up like Darth Vader to illustrate how she was scared of data. As with many content creators, myself included, data is not in our comfort zone and we deal with it as necessary. But she's embraced data and become what she describes as data informed. One purpose of this session was to help move people to that place. She had people from the audience represent the steps typical of arriving in that place. An illustration of the steps follows. 

  3. The second session was lead by Johanna Morariu from Innonet.