What are the Best Adult Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2016?

Let's take a look at the best superhero costumes for Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Deadpool and More!


  1. Sexy Superhero Costumes

  2. Halloween 2016 is just around the corner, and it's a good idea to get thinking about what you're going to wear when you show up to your first party. Now, most people don't really take the time to put some thought or creativity into their idea, which is a shame because that's what makes Halloween the best holiday around. One great idea is to team up with friends or family and dress up as great group of characters or superheroes. You can be the X-Men, The Avengers, supervillains like the Joker and Harley Quinn, or other great ideas like the Ninja Turtles.
  3. Women in particular love to dress up in the sexiest adult costumes they can find, and the women superhero costumes tend to allow for just that! Most people don't know that many female characters often teamed up to make a great pairing, such as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Talk about sexy - these characters are one of a kind and really let you go wild with makeup and accessories that will let you steal the show. Let's take a look at some of the most popular character ideas for Halloween 2016.
  4. Sexy Wonder Woman Costume

  5. Easily one of the most recognizable characters in the DC Universe, Wonder Woman is a popular choice for women who want to ooze sex appeal. Couples can team up and have the man dress up like Superman to complement this great Halloween or cosplay outfit. This is one costume that you definitely don't want to skimp on - it's either all out or nothing! The possibilities are endless because you can add a great skirt, knee high socks or leggings, and amazing superheroine boots or heels that will guarantee victory at the office Halloween contest. Also, make sure you finish the costume by adding the perfect cape to your outfit.
  6. Batman Costume

  7. Everyone knows how popular Batman is in the comic book universe, but not everyone truly comes up with a great costume idea for The Dark Knight. This character presents an opportunity to be truly unique, because there are a lot of low quality or very cheap options out there that make it look like you didn't really put in the time or effort. If you are going to be Batman and you are trying to impress the ladies, you have to make sure you get all of the costume accessories right. You definitely need the right mask, belt, cape, boots and gloves to complete the look. We also suggest that you choose a certain type of Batman costume and really nail it. There is the old school classic look, the comic book look, the "Arkham" look, and of course the most recent Batman costume from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. This is also one of the most popular looks for young children - have one kid be Batman and the other The Joker!
  8. Deadpool Costume

  9. One of the most popular characters in recent years and one that will be getting his own movie in 2016, Deadpool is a true legend. Just the way he speaks, his relentless sarcasm and jokes, and his superhuman ninja abilities have catapulted his popularity in the world of Marvel Comics. This characters presents a great opporunity for Halloween 2015 because many people are very excited about the new movie and you can really make an impression when you take the time to build out this costume and steal the show. You definitely want to get the Deadpool mask right or you can mess up this whole look. Also, you want to go all out on the gear from kitana blades to pistols to machines guns. Top it all off with a Deadpool style belt and you have one of the best cosplay outfits around. If you want to add a female character pairing, have your wife or girlfriend dress up as Domino!
  10. Harley Quinn Costume

  11. Probably the sexiest clown around, Harley Quinn is one of the most popular female supervillains to emerge on the comic scene in quite some time. After all, almost no one in the world could fall that deeply in love with The Joker unless you are just as insane! This costume is one of the most popular for sexy female cosplay because it let's you go wild with bodysuit options, latex, and creative makeup options. There are so many creative ways to build this outfit, from great corsets to knee high socks. You will need mismatching shoes, gloves and of course a jester hat in the colors of black and red. The most critical element of this costume is definitely the signature oversized mallet. You can buy and inflatable version for fairly cheap that without question completes this look. Definitely spend some time on the facial makeup and take the time to get the color right. You'll be the vixen with the most sex appeal when you show up with your boyfriend or husband as The Joker on one of your arms.
  12. Poison Ivy Costume

  13. Deliver the kiss of death when you show up as one of the sexiest supervillains in Batman lore - Poison Ivy! This is another costume that you don't see very often but let's you really stand out if you can lock in that signature green look without making it look slapped together or just too cheap. For this costume to work you need to get the accessories just right. Tastefully add some decorative ivy to each of the outfit pieces from head to toe. Even your heels or shoes should have some hint of ivy in them to drive this look home. If one of your girlfriends dresses up like Harley Quinn, you can roll out as one of the best evil female duos in comic book history! Make sure you find someone dressed up like Batman and take a great picture of you harassing him all night! Finally, you had better get some green lip gloss or lipstick for this outfit. It's the final bit of sexiness that you need if you want to drive the superhero men wild.
  14. Spider-Man Costume

  15. Here's another popular figure that you absolutely have to get right or risk being the joke of the party. Spider-Man is one of the most popular Marvel characters so you'll need to take your effort to the next level if you want to take on this great look. The most important part of this Halloween costume is the mask. It's not easy to create one from scratch, but it's also not that easy to find one that is high quality. There are plenty of cheap masks out there but you don't want to risk a crappy looking suit! For the most part, there are some great full bodysuits out there but make sure that they have the right mask that has great looking eyes. There are a number of spidey-villains that your friends can dress up as such as the Green Goblin or Dr. Octopus. Finally, you need to have a way to sling some web or you totally fail as Spiderman. Try to lock down some webslinger accessories that fit around your hand so that you can easily shoot your friends or foes while having a great time at your Halloween party.
  16. Catwoman Costume

  17. Purrrr. Catwoman might take the cake as the sexiest batman villain of all time. She is a true villain and thief that loves to give Batman grief! Another great cosplay or Halloween costume idea that is actually pretty easy to get right. You'll certainly want to get the signature cat burglar look going with the appropriate eyewear and also make sure to get the kitty ears to complete the look. From there it's just a matter of finding the right black tights and bodysuit with a sexy pair of black heels or boots. Scratch your boyfriend all night when he dresses up as Batman and become the best male-female duo of the night. You can also go the extra mile by adding some cat claws or paint-on nails that make it look like you mean business.
  18. The Joker Costume