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Get peace of mind with XFINITY Home, the total home security and home control solution that keeps you connected to what matters most. Here's our page with updates and information about #XfinityHome. We're experimenting with Storify here and learning as we go; feedback welcome to @comcastwa

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  1. With XFINITY Home you could catch that tricky Elf on the Shelf.
  2. Comcast's Ray Child, in this video, explains the power of smarthome management through Xfinity Home
  3. Consumers are interested in digital lifestyle offerings that aggregate a wide array of service types--such as their telecommunications, cable, Internet, home security system and home energy management--and are comfortable purchasing these services from one company, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Digital Lifestyle Study. For a fuller report, see 
  4. Thoughts with a holiday theme ...
  5. How well do you know your holiday movies: Where did the McCallisters want to spend their Christmas in the first " class="">Home Alone movie?
    Save yourself the hassle of needing " class="">Macaulay Culkin to guard your house while you're gone for the holidays! Simply control your house lights through any Internet-connected device with " class="">XFINITY Home when you're away.
  6. Please, help yourself... Find out why your dog doesn't seem so hungry when you get back from work!
    Become a prime witness via live camera streaming inside your house from any Internet-connected device using " class="">XFINITY Home.
  7. Here are various news stories about Xfinity Home and smarthome management.