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The Columbus SEO is Destroying the Status Quo

Veterans are bringing their tenacity to Digital Marketing


  1. The Columbus SEO is not just a brand, it is an idea. The idea that things can be better and promises can be lived up to. Entering the Online Marketing Space was not an easy choice for the co-founders. Both had successful careers and were on the fast track with Fortune 200 companies. Additionally, they both understood the landscape they were entering where every potential client already had a preconcieved notion of what they would be offering from previously being burned.
  2. Undetered by the uphill battle ahead the two founders split up to cover a larger area and planted their flag in Columbus, OH and Dallas, TX as they are both experiencing record levels of growth.
  3. After several months of establishing a foothold it is becoming more apparent everyday that they other SEO Companies simply cannot compete. Many are already changing their selling proposition in order to not be in a head to head competition with The Columbus SEO. Many are also now claiming to deliver a positive ROI but they have not implemented the proper framework to track conversions to prove it.
  4. It will be an interesting as we watch the competition unravel and strategic alliances are formed. It is sure to be a bloodbath much like when the Yellowpages was rendered obsolete by the internet. The good news is that even if these other online marketing agencies are able to keep up with the change sweeping through the Columbus area, the customers are guaranteed to recieve better services across the board.