Keep It Real. Africans & Indians Are More Alike Than You Think.

Our second installment of #SocietyShift explored how Africans & Indians are more alike than many think.


  1. And it goes a little something like this.....
  2. Even though the mob beatings were being reported on we didn't feel the real issues were being discussed. Then, we stumbled across #TheAfricanPortraits by Bangalore-based photographer Mahesh Shantaram.
  3. One could say the was perfect timing for a #SocietyShift conversation
  4. @Shilpams1 made sure we had some #afrobeats #music to vibe to .
  5. Question 3:
  6. The conversation was filled with similar themes to our first installment of #SocietyShift. Culture is in the food we eat, and brings family and loved ones together.
  7. Jewels of knowedge were dropped and we learned of Malik Ambar, an Ethiopian who played a significant role in the Deccan region of India.
  8. Then the conversation took a serious turn.