RBD Speaker Series: Jerry Agar

Jerry Agar visited the Radio Broadcasting class to talk about his experiences and tips on making great radio.


  1. Our class had the fantastic opportunity to have Jerry Agar from Newstalk 1010 come talk to us about his experience in radio. He told us about various adventures in the United States and how he came to be in Toronto.
  2. Jerry started with some career advice: If you want to be on air in this industry, whatever department it may be, chances are it won't be in Toronto. Get started in a small town somewhere and worm your way forward. This was really good advice since jobs in the big Toronto market are hard to come by, and give very little room for mistakes. He echoes what other radio professors and guest lecturers had to say.

  3. As an example, Jerry showed us a job posting he found on milkmanunlimited.com for an Afternoon Network Host at CJSB in Swan River, Manitoba. He highlighed no need for prior experience, so this is a perfect job for us brand new broadcasters to apply for. Also reminding us not to sell ourselves short by taking a small market job. Its where most great broadcasters start out.
  4. After that, he talked about experiences in previous jobs across the United States. He'd worked in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kansas, Chicago, New York. Along with that he recounted disagreements with producers, finding new job opportunities and dealing with haters.
  5. After taking a few more questions, Jerry said that a former boss of his once said the most powerful thing you can say is "I was there". This solidifies what we have been taught in our classes that community is essential in radio. Go out to the local events and experience what your listeners do. You will better be able to relate to listeners and they will want to hear what you have to say.
  6. Jerry's final piece of advice was "Don’t be who other people what you to be, be yourself. Other people don’t know you deep down on the inside".

  7. On The Radio - Jerry Agar
  8. After talking to our class, Jerry sat down with our Program Coordinator Sheila Walsh to record an episode of On The Radio.

  9. Again, thank you Jerry Agar for taking the time to come and visit our class. We will take your advice to heart and make the most of our radio careers.