The Wolf and Peter by David Bolger

World Premiere, October 2015


  1. REVIEW | 5 STARS "reassuringly traditional and startlingly modern...The Wolf and Peter is funny, imaginative, and, finally, very moving." The Irish Times

  2. REVIEW | 5 STARS "a high end production by a top class company operating at the top of their game. Playful, funny, moving, The Wolf and Peter stirs the spirit and ignites the imagination, no matter what age you might happen to be."

  3. REVIEW | 5 STARS "There really is something for everyone in The Wolf And Peter, from splendid performances to stunning design, and some beautiful music."

  4. Audience Reaction to The Wolf and Peter at Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

  5. REVIEW: "very accessible and engaging"

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