Arthur J. Epstein: Why I support Cohen Hillel Academy

Arthur J. Epstein explains his passion for Cohen Hillel Academy.


  1. "Arthur J. Epstein of Marblehead is the recipient of the 2012 Dr. Bennett I. Solomon Community Leadership Award.  Epstein’s belief that every child should have the opportunity to receive a Jewish education, coupled with a lifelong motto that “you have to make a difference,” has led to his long-term interest and involvement at the K-8 Jewish day school that serves all of Boston’s North Shore communities.  His commitment and support of the school’s Learning Center in particular has enabled Cohen Hillel Academy to serve its students by meeting their individual needs, which involves both building skills and encouraging learners to take on new challenges. Besides Cohen Hillel Academy, where he serves at the chairman of the Board of Trustees, Epstein has also been very active in the Federation of the North Shore, Congregation Shirat Hayam, North Shore Medical Center, The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Jewish Family & Children’s Services and Children’s Hospital."
  2. "...My father taught me to work hard..."
  3. My Father taught me-H.264
  4. "...Malden was a great town to grow up in...and it was fun."
  5. Growing up in
  6. The joy of learning at Cohen Hillel Academy
  7. Picasa Web Albums - Paul Michaels
    Picasa Web Albums - Paul Michaels
  8. "...My mother was very, very bright...she passed the Bar exam the first time..."
  9. Had a great
  10. At Cohen Hillel Academy, 21st century skills are embedded in our curriculum.
  11. Picasa Web Albums - Paul Michaels
    Picasa Web Albums - Paul Michaels
  12. "...I figured the income tax return wasn't telling me the whole truth, so I bought the business [A Midas Muffler franchise]"
  13. How I bought a Midas
  14. "...I met with Bennett Solomon and I thought he was an exceptional young man...Bennett clicked with me..."
  15. How I got involved with
  16. "...You can't do it everybody in the community was was wonderful to see a building get built."
  17. "By investing in Cohen Hillel are investing in your kids future..."
  18. By investing in