October Bonn Climate Talks Update #5

Various blueprints now confirmed for arrangement of deckchairs on the Titanic


  1. Too much work and too little whisky meant we didn't finish this last night - but we knew you'd all be expecting the final update so here is a little pick-me-up to help you through your [post-Bonn blues][hangover][follow-up meetings][journey home].
  2. The morning started with us taking a leaf out of CAN's book as we covered the conference centre with flyers outlining what we need, in general terms, for Paris. Which is only four weeks away.
  3. It boils down to this: To avoid the worst possibilities of climate change, we need countries to do their fair share, as part of a fair and balanced agreement, which we can only achieve through a fair process. Not too much to ask, right?
  4. Part of a fair agreement must be an agreed limit to temperature increases. We've already increased by 0.8 degrees and are locked in to about a further 0.8. That's where the warming needs to end, though. Any hotter than 1.5 degrees warmer and we are literally risking the stability of the only climate in the universe with the right conditions for life.
  5. The downward spiral of ambition and fairness at these talks is as depressingly predictable as it is overwhelming.
  6. Observers hardly need to be in the room and the meeting doesn't even need to be over for everyone to know exactly what is happening. Many groups offered their thoughts even before the final text and closing plenary had been sceduled.
  7. Third World Network's Chee Yoke Ling gave an articulate and condensed version of the history of everything (UNFCCC) to contextualise this week:
  8. While also clarifying some important points
  9. Others chipped in to mention the real roadblock to the talks: a refusal to talk money.