October Bonn Climate Talks Update #3

Tough process of negotiations underway in closed groups as observers remain shut out. Bigger fights to come.


  1. Back to the Future Day started early as civil society groups gathered outside the World Conference Centre Bonn to greet negotiators arriving for their morning coordination meetings.
  2. Their message was clear: #KeepUsInTheRoom.
  3. In case you're an idiot, here's a little brief and video that explain exactly why civil society needs to be part of the talks.
  4. Bonn Climate Change Conference - Conversation with Harjeet Singh 6.10.15
  5. The protest was soon followed up with a press conference (archived here as a video) alongside negotiators representing the Least Developed Country group, the African Group, and the Alliance of Small Island States.
  6. Tosi Mpanu Mpanu, lead negotiator of the Democratic Republic of Congo, expressed his support for observers and welcomed their presence. He questioned which Parties were opposed, and why.
  7. He also shared a concern of many observers--that the lack of transparency in the ADP session would carry forward to COP21 in Paris.
  8. Seyni Nafo of the Africa Group actually said he thought the issue had been resolved and was pretty mad it hadn't been. A man of action, he suggested various ways forward, including a letter writing campaign
  9. and possibly even strike action -- he will propose to the G77 tomorrow that the entire bloc stops negotiating until observers are let back in.
  10. While developing contries have our back, the co-chairs of the process do not. Today they held a meeting with the observer organisations.
  11. They took questions from all the constituencies, who expressed concern about the process and about the imbalance of their draft. But not before one of them, Djoghlaf, launched into a rambling and often incoherent spiel which we tried to document: