October Bonn Climate Talks Update #2

After "surgury" draft Agreement remains in bad shape but hopes of partial recovery dashed by civil society exclusion from the operating room. BONUS: Canada votes to oust its second worst man after Justin Bieber


  1. Like a pair of demonic diplomat Santa Claus, the co-chairs snuck into the internet overnight and left us all a present.
  2. You guessed it, another text! Bet the socks your granny got you last Christmas are looking pretty good in comparison, huh? This time [some] of the options for developing countries had made it back in. But given how bad the text was before, this improvement was only partial.
  3. In any case, with expectations so low and with their relative power not enough to land much more, developing countries did not oppose any further and negotiations set up to break off into "spin-off" groups. The co-chairs insisted that smaller spin-off groups be closed to observers.
  4. Nobody opposed observers at first.
  5. So the co-chairs had to shoulder the blame (they are to blame for a lot)
  6. Eventually it came out that Japan opposed
  7. Their rationale?
  8. Nevertheless Malaysia insisted
  9. (an aside: here's a pretty awesome candid interview with Gurdial, the Malaysian negotiator who is battling for CSO inclusion)
  10. And CSO protested the exclusion
  11. But in the face of EU silence on the matter, they have begun planning more (watch this space)
  12. Because if we can't get inside we can't be sarcastic as fuck about the talks.