#COP21 #ParisAgreement: The Aftermath

A look at the agreement in the cold light of day


  1. After the intensity of the final days of COP21 in Paris, we thought we'd give you all a week or so to cool off a bit...
  2. no such luck, though, in the Anthropocene
  3. as many of you returned home to Christmas preparations in warmer weather than you had this summer.
  4. In doing so, you returned to email inboxes (or maybe you haven't tackled that yet) overflowing with news reports, summaries, and analysis of the "historic" Paris Agreement.
  5. You may have noticed that after the initial hysteria
  6. a more sober mood has set in
  7. as the world comes to terms with what was actually agreed
  8. (you can read this TWN updade to get the low-down and then impress everyone during family gatherings with your faux-geekiness)
  9. It also stared to become clearer to people who won and who lost (even if Indian PM Modi joined others in insisting there were no winners and losers)
  10. among the losers, women