#COP21 Update 3: India survives smear campaign

African Renewable Energy Initiative remains one of few positives in frenzied, chaotic process that threatens to deliver outcome completely out of line with positive rhetoric of Leaders


  1. If you're trying to follow COP21 climate talks, you're probably looking at twitter like
  2. because the #cop21 hashtag is an endless stream of...
  3. Trying to find any tweet of relevant or...
    Trying to find any tweet of relevant or...
  4. If not, you might miss little gems like this inspiring blog about one of the biggest sources for hope in the talks, the African Renewable Energy Initiative.
  5. Which is somehow both radically visionary and totally possible
  6. France has put forward some of the initial funds required for the African initiative to begin immediately, and it is expected more money will follow soon from other sources.
  7. While Africa is steaming ahead on the ambition front, many other world leaders remain stuck in the blocks, running on the spot, blowing hot air.
  8. And while we're not exactly a fan of Modi for various reasons, we can respect his efforts to hold to account the pathetic offerings from many other countries.
  9. And the atrocious track records in environmental protection they have.
  10. Some have targeted India as a scapegoat, now that China is keeping its head down and poised to take advantage of massive national efforts it has undertaken in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  11. But to them, we say:
  12. When the US says that INDIA is the threa...
    When the US says that INDIA is the threa...
  13. because the simple truth is this
  14. Whether or not the Great Escape of the rich can be achieved at the international level in the same way it has been achieved in many domestic levels (climate austerity) remains to be seen.