#NoKXL - April 18 Official Hearing

Today is the only official State Department hearing Keystone XL is going to get, so it's up to us to make it HUGE. Follow along live here, and use the hashtag #NoKXL on Twitter and Instagram -- we'll include solidarity content from across the country.


  1. Speaker #139, a minister, testifies that "we need an intervention" to get off oil. Testimony will resume in 10 minutes.
  2. State Department will extend the hearing to accommodate long list of speakers following a short break.
  3. We are getting so close to the goal of 1 million total comments. It's not too late to submit yours:
  4. Hearing from the Center for Biological Diversity, the Green Party, and lots of other great organizations at the hearing. No pro-pipeline comments in at least an hour. 
  5. Speaker #121: "Nebraska's slogan is 'The Good Life.' We have an obligation to stand up and help protect it."
  6. -
  7. David Carruth, an Arkansas resident and member of the National Wildlife Federation’s board of directors, now testifying. 
  8. Our very own Glen Hooks just testified!
  9. Great to hear from so many young people:
  10. 18 year old "cows can't get drink bottle watered." #nokxl
    18 year old "cows can't get drink bottle watered." #nokxl
  11. Just heard a pipeline fighter at the hearing say, “This pipeline makes sense to no one, except those who are profiting from it. And they already have plenty of our money.” Hear, hear. Great to see all the folks at the hearing wearing red. Follow along on the live stream:
  12. Why do YOU say #NOKXL?
    #NOKXL because: