Geography - The Secret Sauce of Data Analytics

Environics Analytics User Conference - GIS Day, 16 Nov 2016, Toronto


  1. This year's Environics Analytics User Conference attracted 675 data analysts from 350 organizations and featured 16 client presentations, numerous software demos, and one great party!
  2. The core role of Geography and location in data analytics was emphasized by many presenters. Environics Analytics founder and president, @statslady Jan Kestle, is quoted with identifying "Geography as the secret sauce" that integrates data for advanced analytics. The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Ryerson University received shout-outs and accolades for training the next generation of data analysts through its BA in Geographic Analysis and MSA in Spatial Analysis programs.
  3. We joined Environics Analytics with a GIS Day-themed display of geovisualization projects from the MSA cartography course and with a 15-year reunion to celebrate the 2001 class of MSA graduates, the first-ever group of students receiving a graduate degree from Ryerson University. Since then, over 300 students have obtained the MSA degree and joined the ranks of data analysts, who shape the regional economy, public services, and environment.
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